Remodel To Sell™ Service

Proven strategic approach to creating a home that hits all the things serious home buyers are willing to pay for.

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$1,500 for upgrades

Our money towards strategic updates that have the best impression on buyers. Guaranteed to raise the value of your home.


Complimentary Staging

home staging is a strategic tool that can enhance the appeal of a property, potentially leading to a quicker sale and a higher selling price.


Professional Photography

Results more potential buyers visiting the home in person because of gorgeous online marketing photos and videos and social media.

Risk Free $1,500 Offer. Sell Faster and Get a Higher Price.

The smartest way to sell your home.

Our Offer

We will pay up to $1,500 towards your home updates. From our years of experience, we have identified the areas and features that home buyers want the most and are willing to pay top dollar for.

These updates are all that most homes need to become the top seller in the neighborhood.

The Benefits

The best way to impress buyers is to create a living space that is clean, warm and inviting. When buyers walk in they see a modern updated style that is cohesive throughout the house. The buyers easily see themselves living better than they do now.

The Process

  1. Fresh Paint: Create a uniformed background that brings forward all the modern updates
  2. Replace Lighting: Set the mood with modern and stylish lighting
  3. Replace Fixture: Stylize the items that homeowners use the most
  4. Update Hardware: Small details that brings everything together

The Results

Selling a home is not about single high end items, like the front door or dining room chandelier. Homes sell because of the way the buyers FEEL about the entire house. Within the first minute a buyer will make a decision if they like it or not. The new updates combined with professional photography and staging present the best possible first impressions and result is many home buyers fighting to get the opportunity to live in your home.

Larger Remodel Projects

Before starting a large project, you must determine if the upgrades will result in a higher selling price. Factors include current market conditions, time and cost, possible underlying issues with the house, plus many more.

We understand that it seems overwhelming, but on the other side you could see huge increases in selling price which can result in a better lifestyle. It only takes one short consultation to decide to remodel or to sell as-is.

San Ramon Full House Remodel - $300,000 Net Profit

Remodel To Sell™ Examples

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Remodel To Sell™ FAQ's

NO. I am not a remodeling company, I am a real estate agent. On my blog I offer a lot of advice about what to remodel projects are best for raising the value of your home, and you can call or message me anytime if you have questions, but my real estate clients come first.
YES, we can finance large projects at 0% interest. Payment of loan is taken out of escrow once the sale closes. We do not charge and additional fees.
YES, I love working with investors. Please contact me about your plans. I do not offer hard money loans or finance projects. If we were to partner on a real estate flip I have full control over the renovations and I use my crew.
YES. I buy buy homes for cash. I offer fair prices based on condition. The benefit of coming to me is that I'm completely transparent and will present all your options. Many people that sell for cash don't realize that they can get a much higher price if they only wait 2-3 weeks, and they won't have to put any personal time in the process. We can even front cash if you need it now and then give you the sales proceeds once the property closes. I believe in win-win!

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Whether buying or selling, Trang delivers service beyond comparison. Trang works closely with each of her clients to find their ultimate property in the most premier locations, and secures the best deal. When listing a property, Trang maximizes each property’s market value with her unmatched marketing strategy.

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