How We Transformed A Nightclub Home Into A Modern Relaxing Retreat


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Purchasing a home styled for a person that wanted to bring the nightlife home, our mission was to transition this party-centric design into a warm, inviting, and modern living space. With sunken dance floors and bars as remnants of its past, our challenge was to introduce both functionality and style.

Property Overview:

  • A prominent family room with a sunken dance floor and bar.
  • Single bearing wall creating segmented kitchen and dining areas.
  • Neglected landscaping.
  • Previous, poorly executed remodels on the main entrance.
  • Limited natural light made the interiors dark.

Challenges and Solutions:

Excessive Waste from Demolition: Two brick and rock fireplaces led to overloaded dumpsters, causing logistical and financial issues.

  • Solution: In future projects, we'll minimize brick quantities in individual loads and opt for 20-yard dumpsters. Adjustments for this project saw increased dump fees, reaching around $5,000.

Bathroom & Closet Configuration: The master bathroom was cramped, while the common bathroom was oversized.

  • Solution: We reconfigured the space, expanding the master bathroom and cleverly adjusting the closets to enhance space utilization.

Entrance Overhang: The low roof overhang was problematic for taller individuals and lacked aesthetic appeal.

  • Solution: The overhang was cut back, replaced by a decorative trellis, transitioning the aesthetic from 'old Swiss' to 'modern mountain lodge.' Over time, vines can be grown to enhance its charm.

Kitchen Redesign: A bearing wall was restructured which gave us the opportunity to add a large kitchen island, catering to modern trends and preferences. The resulting kitchen was amazing and really sold the home. We got the most compliments for the tile. White cabinets with gold faucets and handles turns any plain kitchen into a luxurious chefs dream. The tile and marble had accents of gold defined the glamour. People were shocked when I told them all the tile was from Home Depot. They thought we bought it from a high end tile store.

Natural Lighting: The home suffered from limited natural light, particularly in the kitchen area.

  • Solution: We introduced a new window and removed an overgrown palm blocking another. The adjustment to the front entrance's overhang also permitted more sunlight, addressing two issues simultaneously.


Despite being listed during a market downturn, the property's superior renovation drew considerable interest, leading to multiple offers. The home quickly became the best in its price range, with buyers keenly competing for ownership. This project, although resource-intensive, yielded a rewarding profit of $300K.

Key Takeaways: 

Even homes with unique challenges, when approached with vision and skill, can be transformed into in-demand properties. By identifying core issues and devising effective solutions, we were able to turn this 'entertainment-style' house into a sought-after modern haven, proving that with dedication and creativity, success in real estate is achievable.

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