The Art Of Contrast: How Separating Large Style Areas Can Sell Your Home

A client of mine, an experienced real estate investor, recently faced a puzzling challenge. He had meticulously remodeled a property, yet it languished on the market, unsold. Seeking my advice, he called to understand why his investment wasn’t paying off.


Upon reviewing the property, I noticed a critical issue: the overwhelming dominance of dark stone gray. The floor, countertops, and backsplashes all shared this somber hue, creating a monotonous and uninviting atmosphere. It was clear that potential buyers couldn’t envision themselves in such a dreary space.


My recommendation was to introduce contrast and variety. The countertops, being both costly and stylish, were to remain. However, the floor and backsplashes needed a transformation to reduce the emphasis on the dark stone gray and add warmth to the home.


We decided on a modern wood laminate flooring that brought a much-needed lightness to the space. This choice not only tied the whole house together but also provided a neutral backdrop that allowed the countertops to stand out as a feature rather than a flaw.


For the backsplashes, we opted for white textured tile, which added depth and interest to the kitchen while complementing the existing countertops. This subtle change made a world of difference, transforming the kitchen from monotonous to modern.


With these adjustments, the investor allowed me to list the home, and the results were immediate. The property sold quickly, proving that the right balance of contrast and cohesion can make a home irresistible to buyers.


This experience serves as a valuable lesson for anyone looking to sell a remodeled home. It’s not just about high-end finishes or trendy designs; it’s about creating a space that feels balanced, inviting, and, above all, like a place someone would want to call home.

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