San Leandro Real Estate Market Activity and Trends

Current Market Statistics for Active Listings

There are currently 14 properties for sale and San Leandro. Real estate prices are between $489,000 and $898,000. The median price for homes that are currently for sale is $530,000. Homes are selling for about $518 per square foot. If you are serious about buying a home, we highly recommend setting up a market watch notification so you don't miss out.

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Active Listings


Compared to 42 active listings at this time last year (Year-over-year)

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Compared to 44 active listings at this time last year (Year-over-year)

San Leandro Real Estate Price Trends

The real estate price trend chart shows the median selling prices for homes over time. A moving average (MA) is a widely used indicator in technical analysis that helps smooth out price action by filtering out the "noise" from random short-term price fluctuations. Use this chart with the inventory chart to determine if prices for homes will be going up or down.

Home Price Quartiles

Looking at the market in quartiles, where each quartile is 25% of home, ordered by price.

Quartile Median Price Avg. Sqft Avg. DOM Avg Year Built Total Listings
Top/First $1,170,000 2,197 11 1965 45 Most Expensive 25% of properties
Upper/Second $868,000 1,381 11 1953 44 Upper-middle 25% of properties
Lower/Third $770,000 1,278 12 1954 45 Lower-middle 25% of properties
Bottom/Fourth $567,500 1,010 10 1964 44 Least expensive 25% of properties

San Leandro Price/SQFT Trends

The median and average square foot price trends. The square foot price is one of the best ways to get a good rough estimate of your homes worth.

San Leandro Price/SQFT Quartiles

If you try to use the average cost per foot to determine the approximate fair market value (FMV) of another property, you should be careful to understand a few key issues. First, the cost per foot tends to decrease as properties increase in size. In other words, the most expensive homes in San Leandro, on a cost per foot basis, will tend to be the smallest properties. This is because economies of scale make larger properties less expensive on a cost per foot basis. You should adjust the cost per foot up or down if the subject property is smaller or larger than the average sized home in San Leandro. The Home SQFT Price Quartiles chart helps give you a better understanding of sqft price and home size.

Quartile (# Listings) Sqft Range Avg. Sqft Price Median Price Avg. DOM
Largest 25% sqft (45) 1,704 - 5,068 $521 $1,100,000 11
Upper-middle 25% sqft (44) 1,320 - 1,703 $560 $872,500 13
Lower-middle 25% sqft (45) 1,073 - 1,317 $660 $810,000 12
Smallest 25% sqft (44) 659 - 1,068 $691 $655,000 10

Complete Active Residential Inventory

Below is all the properties currently for sale in Alameda, sorted by number of bedrooms.


Bedrooms Active Listings Median Price Avg Price Avg SQFT Avg $/SQFT
1 1 $339,000 $339,000 642 $528
2 5 $525,000 $511,978 1,023 $502
4 1 $898,000 $898,000 1,918 $468


Bedrooms Active Listings Median Price Avg Price Avg SQFT Avg $/SQFT
3 5 $999,000 $978,066 1,564 $653
4 1 $849,000 $849,000 1,813 $468


Bedrooms Active Listings Median Price Avg Price Avg SQFT Avg $/SQFT
2 1 $489,000 $489,000 1,108 $441

San Leandro Real Estate Inventory - Monthly Active, Pending and Sold Activity

The real estate inventory chart shows the relations between the total number of properties that are listed each month, placed under contract each month (pending) and sold each month. This chart is good at determining the supply and demand of properties. When trying to find trends in home prices, I look at the number of the new home listings and the current price trends.