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Learn How To Remodel Your Home For A Higher Selling Price

Selling your home is the biggest financial transaction you will do in your life. I will help you make sure you get the
absolute highest selling price for your home.

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What is Remodeling to Sell?

if you prepare your home right, you can put more money in your pocket than a year working your normal job.

Remodeling to sell is when a homeowner prepares their home for sale in order to get the highest possible selling price. From simply cleaning up and painting

After watching this webinar you will understand my GO / NO-GO TEST to determine if you will put more money in your pockets with simple updates. Either way, you will make sure your home is ready to sell and will get the highest possible offers.

  • Determine What MUST be done and what SHOULD be done.
  • Determine What MUST be done and what SHOULD be done.
  • Determine What MUST be done and what SHOULD be done.
  • Determine What MUST be done and what SHOULD be done.
  • Determine What MUST be done and what SHOULD be done.

The easiest house updates that have a huge payoff

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Meet Trang Dunlap

Trang dunlap has over 10 years experiance remodeling homes to sell

Host - Trang Dunlap

2016 #1 East Bay Agent Sales and Units, Intero.

When I started my real estate career, I quickly realized what the #1 concern homeowners had when selling their home. Since you are interested in the workshop, you probably have the same question.

  1. How do I make sure my house sells for top dollar?
  2. Is there anything I can do to increase the value?

I've worked with many homeowners, just like you. They learned how to quickly make cost effective upgrades to their homes in order to sell for a higher price.

Regardless of what you see on HGTV, buyers DO NOT want to remodel after they buy.

Many homeowners fear that updating their home before selling is too risky, take too much time and not worth it. I have extensive experience renovating homes and managing contractors.

I will debunk the myths and show you how to take your home to the highest price levels possible

What You Will Learn in the Webinar

"Basically, my goal is to show you how to determine if your home is ready to sell. After watching the webinar, you should be able to apply my GO OR NO GO TEST to see if your home needs some upgrades or not. "

- Trang Dunlap

Sections and Guide Outline

1. Debunking Remodel to Sell Myths while Understanding the Benefits
I'll show you how this system blows away the myths that remodeling to sell does not pay off.
2. Current Real Estate Market Stats both Nation Wide and Local Bay Area Market Stats
The real estate markets are expected to be healthy for the next 5 years. The bay area economy is strong and we have high paying jobs. Buyers have money and they what a nice home to live in.
3. Putting it together - The Remodel to Sell Guide
The real estate markets are expected to be healthy for the next 5 years. The bay area economy is strong and we have high paying jobs. Buyers have money and they what a nice home to live in.

Where to Start

A successful remodel starts with a plan. Determine the current house value, set a budget and estimate the final selling price

Best Upgrades

Learn where to put your money for highest returns. Many homeowners make the mistake of remodeling the wrong areas of the house and lose money

Avoid Common Mistakes

Learn how to avoid costly mistakes during the remodel. Eliminate delays and get the remodel completed on time and on budget

Modern Styles and Trends

Discover the hottest colors and styles that buyers are looking for. We also cover timeless designs then never go out of style

Remodel on a small budget

You can get great results from a small budget. Learn how to spend less then $1,000 and get a huge price increase.

We've added a new section!
Learn how to save up to 40% on Brand Name Kitchen Cabinets

Accurate cost analysis

Get costs for common tasks during the remodel. Use our forms to make sure you hire professionals for the right price.


Examples of remodels

From simple clean-ups to full house remodels. Learn how to determine what kind of remodel you should do for the highest selling price

Material lists for projects

See everything it takes to remodel a kitchen or bathroom. Keep track of your project with our excel material lists


Questions and Answers

Get your all your remodel questions answered. The workshops are a great way to get ideas and share information quickly

Recently Added To the Webinar

Kitchen Cabinets Savings

Learn how to save 40% on brand name cabinets

Secrets from kitchen designers at Lowes on how to save money on Cabinets. See how similar door styles cost hundreds less and what buyers will really see at open houses

Debunk Remodel Myths

3 Myths That Homeowners Hear When Thinking About Selling

The fact is, you home is the most expensive thing you own! I'll debunk the myths and show the benefits of preparing your house properly.

How to Price your Home

You Will Not Find This Information From Other Agents

This information is EXTREMELY POWERFUL when pring your home for sale. I'll show you the listing prices that get the highest offers and the prices that will cost you thousands.


Along with knowing what remodel options will raise the selling price of your home, knowing when not to do upgrades is just as important.
My Pricing Level System will show you when a remodel is waste of money and will not help selling your home.

A Few Recent Examples

Alexander St. Pleasanton
$15k Budget = $80K Increase in value
New Flooring, and minor updates
Sombrero Cir, San Ramon
$15k Budget + 1 Week project = $84K Increase in value
Painted Cabinets for Cost Saving
Sundale, Fremont
$50k Budget = $130K Increase in value
My Full Remodel Flip
321 Ski Way #9, Incline Village, NV
$40K Budget
Profitable Vacation Rental

Around 400 Bay Area homes are bought off the MLS and then resold (FLIPPED) within a year for a much higher price. Those homeowners lost thousands of dollars...

Don't let this happen to you - Trang Dunlap


Trang was great! She helped with remodeling, landscaping and staging. Everything was perfect for us to get on the market. She knows the market in our area and was accurate with our sale price. After our initial open house we were in contract within a week. She was able to secure a solid buyer and we closed within 2 weeks. I recommend her to all my friends and family looking to buy or sell.

Jimmy K.

We are really happy with Trang’s service. Trang recommended remodel options before we sold our home in order to increase the value and the sell-ability. She managed all the contractors and got the job finished really quickly. I feel the service that Trang provides is above and beyond what other Realtors offer, and directly related to a higher net profit on the sale of our home. Highly recommended!

Saroj S.

Trang has very strong knowledge of the real estate market in the Bay area. She also has the right connections to help prepare my house for sale. Furthermore, she has a good project timeline that helped keep me on track and informed of the next steps.

Jeralyn Q.