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My Proven Marketing System for Maximum Exposure

My marketing stands out from other realtors. I utilize every opportunity to present your home to a potential buyer.

My marketing plan consists of both online and offline marketing. This includes online sources like dedicated websites, advertising on social media, and offline, postcards, flyers and magazine ads.

Below are just a few examples of my marketing

Please visit my marketing example section to see everything I do.

Professional Staging Services

According to a 2015 Realtor staging survey, home buyers find if easier to visualize the property as a future home (81 percent), buyers are more willing to walk through a home they viewed online (46 percent), will positively impact the value of the home if it is decorated to the buyer tastes (45 percent), and buyers are more willing to overlook other property faults (28 percent).

My Open Houses are Huge Events

Open houses can be fun and it's possible to get huge turnouts with fun events like neighborhood ice cream socials. It can get pretty hot in the bay area during summer and nothing brings out the neighbors like a cold scoop of ice cream.

Gorgeous Website for Your Home

Property websites are where all the other online marketing comes together. Buyers are guided to property websites from for sale signs, facebook posts, property flyers, Craigslist, and magazine ads.