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Get Ready for a Successful Sale

My job is to listen to you and create a selling plan around your needs.

Listing Appointment Outline

Property and Market Research

Before we sit down for the official listing presentation, I prepare myself by doing research on your homes history. I have access to sales history, tax records and recent comparable sales that will affect your property's listing price.

Once I have a good idea about your houses value, I will use my experience to determine a price range that your house will most likely sell for. This is a very rough estimate. During the listing presentation, I will discuss with you, the special features of the house and learn more about what makes your house different. After the listing presentation, we will fine tune the listing price and determine the asking price for the home.

Remember, It's your house and ultimately the asking price is up to you. My job is to present the facts and details about the local housing market so that you can make the smartest, most informed decisions. Listing a home for too high can lead to poor exposure and listing for too little can prevent you from getting the most money you deserve.

I will become familiar with the location of the home, by taking a drive around the local neighborhood. I will have questions about the neighborhood during the listing presentation because the neighborhood atmosphere is just as important as the actual house.

Getting to know each other

When the day arrives for the listing appointment, I will arrive a little early and take a look around the outside of the house, introduce myself and set up the listing presention. The appointment can last anywhere from one hour to three hours depending on questions you ask. Most question are regarding the pricing of the home and the contract.

After I set up, I will start to ask questions about the house and why you want to sell. As a seller it is good to ask yourself these questions before the listing presentation.

    The question consists of your typical 5 W's and 1 H question
  • Who makes up the family? - Are there any children, parents or third parties involved that will not be present during the selling process?
  • What are some of the best features to this house? What did you fall in love with when you bought the house? What are some issues that might affect the sale of the house?
  • When they are interested in moving or selling? Timing has a lot to do with the sale.
  • Where do you plan to live after you sell this house? This might have an effect of the selling price, if you are moving to an area that requires more money to live.
  • Why do you want to sell? No 2 answers are the same and this is considered the most important question to ask a seller.
  • How they plan to proceed? Do you need time to think about selling, or are you ready to move forward? This is a big decision and many families need time to think about it.

Unbiased assessment of your house

After the introductions and questions, we will tour the house. I will have you take me on a tour of the house. This serves a couple purposes.

First, I discover the areas of the house that you feel are most important. I'll learn more about why you bought it and I'll learn about areas that you updated to fit your personal style. I will be able to create the marketing around these areas. If you loved them, the new buyers will too, so I will highlight them in the description of the home on the MLS.

Secondly, you probably guide me through the house in a way that will present the house the best. I will use this same path during open houses to guide buyers around the same way. You have lived in the house for many years, maybe many decades, so you know the best aspects to the house and what the best flow around the layout is.

I will present my professional opinion about certain things we can do to attract the most buyers. For example, rooms that have bright, personalized colors should be painted. This can be hard on the sellers to hear about things that might need to be updated, especially when tied to memories, but, I am a professional and I need to present an unbiased opinion about increasing the value of the house and to net you the most money from the sale.

I have extensive experience remodelling and updating homes to sell. For major selling areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, I can present a very detailed outline of updates that might bring in a much higher selling price. There are many factors when doing a remodel to sell. Amount of time it will take, the cost, and inconvenience all factor into the decision, but when the updates can bring in tens of thousands of more dollars in selling price, it might be something to consider.

Of course I need to know as much as possible, but there are always hidden things about a house. During the walk through I will try to noticed things that might create concern during the listing and prepare you for possible buyer reactions and maybe things that the buyer will try to negotiate. Every real estate transaction will have many items that are negotiated on. At this point it is good to know what you feel strongly about and when things you will be a little easier on if the buyers ask for fixes, or updates during escrow.

Discussing the listing price

It's time to talk business. Again, before the listing presentation I made a generic price range solely based on previous sales of comparable homes and local real estate market stats. Now that I am more familiar with the house and why the sellers are selling, I will update my recommended asking price. We will discuss the asking price and go over what features of the house determined the price. If there are areas that can use updating, I can present a few pricing levels based on different updates.

Misconceptions about house values

There are many house value websites on the Internet that use tax and comparable sales to determine the value of a house. The problem is, you do not list your home based on the value. You list is on a price level that attracts the most buyers. This is a proven selling tactic that every business uses when pricing their products. Please refer to the following chart about pricing levels.
This chart represents the listing prices of homes in 2015 for the entire east bay. The left axis is the number of homes listed and the right axis is the amount, over asking the homes on average received. The bottom axis is the price ranges the homes were listed at. For example, at the $549,999 listing price, there were 1,128 homes listed with an average increase in selling price of $20,573. Compared to the homes listed at $544,999 which only had an increase in selling price of $8,000.

Therefore, looking at the chart, you can see that we are not going to just pick a listing price from the house value based on computer generated house values. We are going to find the best price level to get the most money for your homes. It really makes sense when you think about how people look for homes on the Internet. They use price ranges to narrow their searches. The actual prices of the homes in those search ranges don't matter as much to the buyer, because they usually do not have a hard price limit, they are open to looking at homes in price groups.

Your Net Proceeds

Once we agree on a listing price, we can learn how much you will pocket, and how much you will have for you next home search. The Net proceeds is based on how much you still owe on the house, taxes from selling, and selling commission. We might return the pricing of the home during this discussion is the net is not what you were expecting... Taxes from the sale can sometimes be a surprise.

Complete Marketing Plan

In order to get the most for you home, we will need a professional marketing and exposure plan. There are many things that do for every listing I get. Each house is different and based on my experience I will recommend some additional exposure options such as specialty real estate magazines and niche websites if your home falls into a popular niche, such as an Eichler home. Any additional marketing will be no extra cost to you.

Your home will have the best virtual tours on the Internet. It is one of the many ways I market a home for the highest exposure

Setting the timeline

We can start the process immediately if needed, or plan to market the home in a few months. Houses sell faster and for more money during certain times of the year, but that should not be the only factor when deciding when to sell. Even if you sell during a slow time, you should remember that even if your home might sell for less, the next home you buy will also be sold for less. It's all relative. My job is to sell you how for a higher price, not matter what time of year it is.

If we have any areas that need to be updated, we can determine the time frame of the expected work involved. My contractor connections can work really fast and in most cases we can update a kitchen and bath is as little as a week. For minor updates like paint, carpet cleaning, etc... can be completed in days.

Listing contract overview

Real Estate contracts are long and confusing. There are many clauses in the contracts that protect the buyers, sellers and lenders. I get the most questions while going over the contract. In general the listing contract

Getting started

When all concerns are addressed and questions answered, I'll will begin the selling process. I provide constant updates about what needs to be done and what the status of the sale.

Are you interested in setting up a listing presentation to see how much you will net from the sale of you home?

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