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Finding a Good Neighborhood is Very Important

Neighborhoods are just as important as features of the home. The Pleasanton Fall Harvest Festival is fun for the whole family.

If you find the perfect home in the wrong neighborhood, it can be a deal breaker. Luckily the San Francisco Bay Area has many different neighborhoods to fit all types. When you work with me I'll ask questions that will help me get to know you and understand your lifestyle. I have a huge resource of neighborhood information that I can provide so that you find that perfect part of the world.

I'm also trusted by many relocation companies that move employees of fortune 500 companies. I help them find homes all over the bay area, many times with limited time to move. I have to provide the best neighborhood information so they can make confident, smart decisions on their new neighborhood.

Neighborhood Features you Should Consider When Looking for a home.

Schools and Crime Rates

Neighborhoods with access to good schools are in high demand. I understand the importance of safety for you family. I have a family too. I moved to Pleasanton so that my children would go to good schools. I can provide information about good schools for all cities and have details crime maps that will help you choose a safe location.

Activities and Amenities

Whether you're a family with young children, a retired couple or a single bachelor, local amenities are important to where you live. Make sure your new neighborhood has everything you're looking for to suit your lifestyle.

Families with children might be interested in swim/tennis communities with parks, as well as libraries and ballet and karate lessons nearby.

Retired couples, however, may be more attracted to a neighborhood that is devoted to active seniors, or one that is close to family, or even a social club that hosts weekend parties or dances.

A young single person with a dog might want a dog park or bike trails within walking distance, plus an active nightlife scene with bars or restaurants close by.

Parks and Playgrounds

Seeing a lot of parks and playgrounds in a city is a good thing. It means the city cares about the health and well being of there residents. If you're looking for an active place to live, sidewalks can be a good indicator that there are places like parks and other amenities nearby and within walking distance. Sidewalks also make neighborhoods safer.

Convenience and Walk-ability

Traffic in the bay area can be tough at times, so the ability to get outside and walk to the store can be really convenient. Not to mention that you will save money on gas and get a little exercise.

The Bay Area as great public transportation to major work hubs from almost every city. Skip the traffic and get in some good reading on the ride into work.

Future Plans for the Neighborhood

I'll keep you updated on future plans for cities and neighborhoods that can have impacts on home prices.