My Open Houses Are a Neighborhood Event

Open houses can be fun and it's possible to get huge turnouts with fun events like neighborhood ice cream socials. It can get pretty hot in the bay area during summer and nothing brings out the neighbors like a cold scoop of ice cream.

For every listing I send out "Just Listed Postcards" to notify the neighborhood of the upcoming home for sale and the open house schedule. I find that be offering a simple, easy and fun event can increase the foot traffic and "Buzz" of an open house. Many times neighbors will share the photos of the ice cream social on Facebook.

Just listed postcards with a fun ice cream social event for the neighbors. This card produces really good results and gets the neighbors to pass the details onto friends and family that might want to move to the area.

I hold open houses every week for my listings. If I'm not available I get a fellow realtor from the office to hold the open house.

Open houses offer a great opportunity to for me to interact with potential buyers and help them overcome fears about making a large purchase. Because I have a lot of experience with buyers I can tell when buyers have an interest in a property. Really interested buyers will ask a lot of questions about the property and neighborhood. They will also stay at the open house for a very long time, or leave and come back with more family members. You need a good agent that can handle tough questions and help sell the property. I don't just let people in and look around,I really try to focus on buyers that show interest and I make the property stay in their minds long after they leave.