Your House Will Be on Every Major Real Estate Network

This can get really confusing, so let's separate fact from fiction.

  1. There is no national Multiple Listing Service (MLS). There are currently about 800+ MLS's in America. This number is shrinking because MLS's are joining to provide better coverage for the agents that subscribe to the MLS. For example, when I started my career in real estate San Francisco County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County were all seperate MLS's. therefore, even though I sold real estate in San Francisco, I could not get East bay real estate information, unless I joined the Alameda County MLS.
  2. When I list your home for sale, It will go on one MLS, maybe two, if the location is close in proximity to other MLS's. The listing is then syndicated to all major real estate websites and thousands on real estate agent websites.
  3. The top three real estate websites, Zillow, Trulia, are not associated with the MLS. They are media websites. The more traffic they can aquire, the more money they make. They have no vested interest in selling homes faster and for a higher price, or getting deals for buyers. They sell leads to Realtors. is associated with the MLS, but there are different data structures for real estate data. Mainly RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard), and FTP data download. Realtor also sells leads to agents.
  4. Zillow lost access to millions of listings in 2015 but they are actively aquiring access to more and more MLS data streams.
  5. Zillow was the first website to offer online home values. Unfortunately, The San Francisco Bay Area Zestimates are amongst the worst in the nation. Again, they make money selling leads to Realtors, so it really doesn't matter, unless you are selling a home and the buyer states that the "Zestimate" is really low. In this case you need a good agent to provide the information necessary to argue that reference.

The Choice is Yours to Syndicate Your Home For Sale

Ultimately, its up to the home owner if you want your home syndicated to all websites. You also have the choice to put a sign in the yard and hold open houses.

Every home is syndicated, but the not all information is good. I make sure that on all major real estate websites the description, features, schools, a other selling points are up to date and that it fully describes the home.

Most MLS's have a very small section to describe the property. I make sure to provide the most information possible on the major websites so that your home is found by the highest number of buyers in your area.