321 Ski Way
Incline Village NV

Full Condo Remodel - Winter 2016

Even though the exterior does not have a Tahoe style, we turned the interior into a luxurious mountain retreat.

We search for about 2 years to find the perfect vacation rental. We wanted to "Vacation for Free" but ended up getting a profitable income source. This unit basically pays for all our vacations, not just trips to Tahoe.

We skipped the luxury items like soft close doors in the kitchen but splurged on stained pine doors and wood trim because we wanted to a mountain house feel.

We knew that if we made a rental that we would rent, other families would rent it too. Currently, we are the #1 3 bed, 8 guest, unit on Airbnb for gross income according to airdna.co

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Kitchen Area

Typical cabinet, backsplash and countertop remodel. Our crew did all the work because labor prices in Tahoe are mush higher than the Bay Area. We also saved money because we used partial cover cabinets with no soft close.

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Living Room

Simply covering the fireplace with stone veneer made a huge difference in the living room. The living room is small so we had to eliminate the entertainment center and mounted the TV above the fireplace.

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Kids Bedroom

Maximizing space with double bunk beds. Yes, it does fill up the room, but the kids love it. It's like a sleep over!

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Master Bathroom

Rustic tile with modern sliding glass door are great complements for each other. We used a decorative strip of stone tile to mimick a dry creek.