$3M in funds to replace your fireplace – Wood Smoke Reduction Incentive Program

Learn about a grant program designed to improve local air quality and reduce wintertime particulate matter pollution.

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Expert Opinion on the 2017 Real Estate Market

2017 is rapidly approaching. The markets have been on fire over the last 4 – 5 years, so what will the next couple of years bring?

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Shifting Markets, Mortgage Loopholes, San Jose is Going Crazy, Ugly House Colors, DIY Smart Home Projects, Why buy 4,000 Apartments

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Before and After – Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental

We love Lake Tahoe. For over a year we looked for the perfect opportunity to own a vacation rental.

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Before and after – Sombrero, San Ramon

This house had a lot of competition, so we updated it to match the styles that current buyers are looking for. The seller wanted to keep the budget low.

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Before and After Sundale Court, Fremont CA – Full house remodel

This was a level 3 remodel. Complete rehab, inside and out. This property was interesting becuase we filled the pool and covered with grass.

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Before and After – Alexander Way, Pleasanton, CA – Low Budget and High Returns

This was a low budget remodel in which we hit all the things that buyer want in a home. Along with the gorgeous staging, this home had a high return on investment

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Before and After Wilmore Court, Concord – One of our favorite remodels

This remodel turned out exactly house I envisioned it. Since it had a pool and a large backyard, I went with a cottage look. Dark floors and light cream cabinets… Loved It!

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How To Price a Home

How to price your home – one of the most important issues you will face.

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The Challenges of Pricing Your Home

Why is it that some homes sit on the market for a year while others sell like hot cakes? Frustrated sellers will blame a bad market, while a good real estate professional will tell you that many times, a slow sale is often attributed to the listing price.

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